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GetFiXR is the new startup in town to help you find local tradesmen near you to accomplish that home renovation project. The concept is to give you a pre-verified list of tradesmen who know they can be called for small, medium or large jobs. So you don’t have to fumble around on the internet or hunt for the right guy in the neighborhood by going to hardware shops and asking favours here & there.GetFixr mobile app home

All you have to do is, open this simple app on your phone or desktop browser & select the type of person you are looking for. The you will see a pre-verified sorted list of tradesmen on phone phone based on your location. The information is presented in very neat & organised way as Business Cards of the individuals or contracts where you can click the names to show you more information like images of work and ratings etc. Or simply click the “Call Now” button to directly call the FiXR(As the startup call a tradesman) from you phone. You can narrow down the results you got by further choosing filter options like “How much price range are you looking for” or “Which type of person are you looking for, An Individual, Contract or even part timer” or “How much experience the person or firm have” or “And Which areas do they provide service in”

GetFixr website Homepage

If you still don’t find the right person for the job, you can manually search the service by entering a keyword like “Furniture Repair” & you will be presented by a list of service providers who can deal with your requirement. The service is As quick as it sounds.

And once you are done with the person, You can simply share your experience on the website / app with others by giving a star rating and adding comments plus pictures of the work. So other users of the web service / app can take benefit from your experience. For the rating & commenting features, you don’t have to enter all the user signup information, Because its all done through social media. Sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

As per the website
We know how hard it is to find local tradesmen for a home or office project. And the ones easy to reach, would love to charge you heaps. Get FiXR will help you reach the qualified tradesmen faster, in your area as per your requirements and budget. Whether you need a Carpenter, Mason, Plumber, Electrician or Painter. Just Get FiXR!

Below is the promotional video of the service,

Please comment below what you think about this, The service is launching form Chandigarh, India and is bound to launch by end of February 2015. Till then you can signup on the landing page hosted on the LaunchRock.

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