Remind Me App

Remind me is a productivity app for people who simply forget things which can be easily done from the phone only. Simple tasks like Calling a friend on time, Sending a text when you should be and even send a simple email from your phone. Remind Me app helps you to add simple reminders to ToDo tasks, calendar events like Birthdays, Anniversary or Holidays.

Features of Remind MeDesignersX came up with genius solution to provide an eCommerce cloud application which can serve as an online store for customers as well as information website. Customer can register to buy Fun Cards on the website whether they want physical cards dispatched to their address or a digital version of Fun Card installed on their Android or iPhone. They can also check their account for all time purchases and redemptions of Fun Cards. The administration of such an application should also be able to manage everything from a single system and check everything what is happening to the eco-system.

On the back-end of the website, The administration is able to

  1. – Generate as many unique Fun Cards
  2. – Add cities to be included
  3. – Manage Participating Store
  4. – Manage yearly reports for cards
  5. – Manage Store Offers
  6. – Turn on/off online card sale
  7. – Provide permission based access
  8. – Track redemptions
  9. – Track sales
  10. – Create Discounts and Offer on Cards
  11. – Publish monthly & yearly reports

The native mobile apps were created for Android and iPhone also packed features like Location awareness, Cloud connectivity, QR code scanning, In-App purchases and Automatic random Card Code generation. Check the Fun Card Deals Website for complete experience.

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