Proven Methods to Drive More Traffic to your Website

After developing a website, first and the last important thing is driving Traffic..Without Traffic, a website is like barren land with no productivity. Hence, we have bundled different ways to drive traffic in one pouch here.

There are two Methods to drive traffic along with several sub-methods:

1.Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing is an approach which is focused on attracting customers without manually going to them. It is done by writing relevant content and other channels like search engines, social media etc.

Aspects of Inbound Marketing:
Development of Website– Your website must be easy to navigate, completely optimized, mobile responsive, easy to update, and with a professional look, there must be added call to action & landing page. It must be made sure the site is fast and flexible.

Keyword Research –Try to think as a buyer, what would you search for if it was you? Do Keyword research, more valid customers will come to your website, hence resulting in more Traffic.The old website content should also be optimized and updated timely so that search engine finds you.

Blogging– Blogging is actually writing more and more relevant and knowledgeable content for a specific target audience. After the keywords are researched, Target audience is kept in mind. Now comes the content..your thoughts speaks in your content, More we go for unique and knowledgeable content, more originates the traffic. With new content, one should also focus on old content. It is preferred to add keywords and update data as per requirement of new customers and their searches.

Guest Blogging-Try to post guest blogs to engage more Traffic.Also, accept requests of guest bloggers trying to engage with you.

Product launching- Try to launch new products and make it vastly available. It will bring more customers to the website and engage more variety of customers.

PPC- With Google Adwords publish your ads and bring more people to your website.We can also go for Facebook ads and other social media ads to drive traffic. Paid Search and social media marketing are more influencing ones.

Puzzles and Quizzes- With more people participating in your online quizzes, more traffic is expected on the website.Try to cover topics which are of more interest of people.

Social Media- Social media is the place where everyone is actually present. Everyone searches for something new on social media, hence we can post our content there and engage into conversations leading to more traffic to our blogs and our website.

Here you can get to know how to deeply engage in Social
Most widely used platforms are Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Reddit, SlideShare. You can perform several tasks to drive traffic:

Replying to the posts based on websites
Adding to newly written blog into your profile
Upvote the website relevant written comments and also post replies there.

Regularly posting on Facebook and getting engaged with relevant groups.
Sharing your content and building relations with people

Checking for people on LinkedIn, their posts and engaging with them
Adding latest content to your profile and replying to people queries.

Google Analytics:
After putting in all necessary inputs, make sure to weekly or monthly update the website and check for the traffic by google analytics. Check for the data bringing leads and the one that is non-productive. Make efforts to convert non-productive data to produce one.

2.Outbound Marketing:

Traditional and oldest approach of driving traffic is outbound marketing where we go to people and directly try to engage them with us. It also plays a vital role in bringing traffic to our website.

Aspects of Outbound Marketing:
Cold-Calling- It is actually calling someone not called before. It is used to convince the customer to purchase our product or look into our website/service.

Buying attention- Unique things did buy the attention of people, hence we can provide offers and present uniqueness of our services to engage more customers.

Direct Paper email- In earlier times when there was no mode of communication, people used to communicate through paper mails, hence it is a technique used today to engage traffic.

Radio- The things we listen and see becomes more clear than those we read..hence advertising on radios about your website will engage those who are more good listeners and fond of radio.

TV Advertisements- In today’s world TV is a source of entertainment for all, kids to old aged people. Advertisements play a crucial role in people lives as people get easily attracted to things they watch and try to search and use them. Hence advertising on TV will bring more traffic to the website too.

Tele Marketing- It is done with an intention to convince a customer to buy our products or services, and is done by arranging a phone call or through video conference.

Spam- These are messages sent to a vast number of users purposely. The purpose can be advertising or any malware spreading.

Traditional Advertising- It is advertising through Newspapers, Radio, Magazines, by providing catalogs and brochures and distributing them manually.

Trade shows- Trade shows are done by companies to expose their talent and product to engage more customers.

Email marketing- By collecting the emails of people signing up on your website or looking for relevant content, write catchy lines and provide offers so that people reply to your emails resulting in visiting your website. It is one of the most effective ways of engaging traffic.


All the above discussed are the ways we can drive traffic to our website, but it is like a cup full of tea which cannot be taken in one sip..consuming it sip by sip brings taste as well as energy. The Same way we shouldn’t try to follow all these steps in one instance but wait and check if our efforts are bringing results and then vary our paths.Start with one and end with all. Thankyou.