Linux mint – update manager could not refresh the list of packages

While having a lab based on Open Source Tech sometimes pose serious threats and challenges. Things like your OS not updating and blinking every now & then while working is a problem. When you know you can’t reach out to custom support and have to rely on Forums and Blog posts by fellow Open Source users, Its sometimes is very hard to find a solution unless you go through all those long posts and read all of them. Similarly here is a quick solution to fix the update manger in Linux Mint:

Problem: linux mint update manager could not refresh the list of packages.
Easy & Quick Fix: Run Below commands in terminal and then try refreshing the list of updates.

  1. 1) sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf
  2. 2) sudo apt-get update

This problem was easy to fix but hard to find solution. The solution is provide by the coutsey of Linux mint Forum user dawgdoc

Hope it Helps!