Android Apps

Got a great App idea for biggest mobile platform & don’t know how to make it a reality? Yes, Android is the dominant platform & system of choice for most of the smartphone users on the planet. But knowing how to reach that large market with the right idea which utilizes the full potential of the Google Mobile OS is important. Google updates the system almost every year with new features and new devices. When launching your new idea app, it is important to know for which version of the Android your app will work and which of your app features will be supported by the version of the Mobile OS. DesignersX specialize in Native Android App development supporting Android versions from 2.x to 4.x. We are a design oriented professional development firm. Whether your app needs to use on-board sensors like camera, gyroscope, proximity and gps or it needs to use cloud services to fetch & use data, We can provide all solutions under one hand for your imagination to fly.

Native Android AppsIf you are thinking weather to use Android for your precious application or not. These facts about Android application development can help you decide.

Android is BIG & growing at an exponential rate. The Google Mobile OS holds more than 1 billion activated devices and adding 1.4 million activations every day to its long list of users. In other words, Android is too big to be forgotten about if your mobile app idea is for an everyday smartphone user. If you decide to publish your app on Google Play store, It means you will be part of bigger than 1 million apps family with download numbers more than 46 billion. THAT IS BIIIIIG!!!!! It can definitely help you reach a far bigger audience and convert more leads to customers. If you need more figures and details, Check this page on Statista Website for more insight on Android.

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