Step by Step Process at DesignersX

The Process of working on projects is very important and We have learnt it & perfected it by the passing time. There are a lot of people who have skills to imply providing good result. But it is crucial to have a process through which you implement the resources for various aspects of a project & achieve better and targeted results.

At DesignersX, we have divided our process in to 4 steps. Through these steps, we gather information, co-ordinate, develop, deploy and finalize a project. Below is some detail of the process steps:

Communication: The first & Foremost step of the process if communication between the person who is providing a requirement and the person who is gathering the requirement for the project. We do this by Requirement gathering, Goal clarification and Defining Delivery aspects of the project. To start on this, you either call us, email us or better thing to do is fill up out online quotation form. All of these are then followed by a detailed survey of the project. This usually takes from 2 days to a week to get completed based on your project but it makes sure that everything else followed by this step is, up for a 5 star rating to us.

Concept & Design
Concept & Design: Once we have gathered everything we require to start your project. The 2nd step which follows is providing the concept art & design for the project. Which is normally in the form of JPEG images. This is the part where we encourage you to provide as much feedback as possible for the design & features. This usually takes from 3 days to 3 weeks again depending upon your project complexity and requirement. Once approved, we translate the concept art in to high quality graphics to be used in the project. You can think of this process as the beautification process for the project. Means you can decide how your project will looks like before even a single line of code is written.

Development: This is the real deal for which we have connected. This is what you actually think we do but as you have read above, There is a lot before we reach this step. After you are happy with the way your project looks like and the list of features you want. We start the development process to reflect your vision in to an actual working project which you can see coming alive for you on a test URL(Most of the time). You will review each & every step of the development and can submit your opinion according to scope finalized in previous steps. Your ongoing review is important for us as build your vision in to reality. Sometimes though you may have to wait for a portion to be completed before submitting the project. The time frame for this is completely dependent on your project and nothing can be predicted without the detailed outline. But as a guideline, If you want a regular CMS driven website for your company or brand, The development without any data entry may take 2 to 3 weeks.

Testing & Launch
Testing & Launch: This is the final step in the process of project development at DesignersX. Up to this point, we know what we have developed and have tested it alongside. But everyone knows the real test of the software starts when you compile the last file for its functions. Each & every feature should be tested and checked up to the mark. As we develop each feature, We start the feature testing and User testing of the project. Upon completion of which & Client approval, We install the project on your server. But again everything needed to be tested to make sure the project works seamlessly in the environment you have prepared for it.

After the final testing & deployment of the project, We still support the project for more than a quarter of a year for any real world bugs or errors which may come up once you release it to the public. We have a solid development team but still every project needs to be tested in real world up to the expectation which came up while requirement gathering. A solid team does not mean there will be no errors but means there will be no errors left in the final product. So you can proudly refer to us for any kind of design/development project your friends and family need. As of course, that is our real marketing!

If you are unclear about any of the info, We are happy to answer your queries. Please send us an email on or use the contact page to reach us.