Specialized Services
provided by DesignersX
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A website today is just not a catalogue of your products or and advertisement of your company. But websites are becoming full fledge applications for you to utilize the power of your browser and do every bit of task you were just capable of doing on your system, few years back. Multi-Billion dollar companies like Google, Yahoo and eBay are all built upon the idea of using your browser to achieve more than just browsing. We are a group of young & talented programmers who can provide their services to achieve that kind of goal for everyone with a vision in the mind. We work with open source technologies and are specialized in custom web applications for virtually any industry.

Custom Java Apps

  • java Java Web Apps
  • Get your web app developed in one of the most extensive languages. Our skills include:
  • JSP Web Development
  • Servlets Web pages
  • Web Services with XML & jSon
  • iMap, SMTP & POP3 Services
  • Hibernate mapping
  • JSF - Java Server Faces
  • Struts & Spring frameworks
  • Ajax Dojo
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Social Media Apps

  • social_media Social Media Apps
  • Whether you want an app for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, LinkedIn or Google. We can do that for you. Our skills include:
  • Facebook Graph API
  • Google APIs like Google+ and Games
  • Custom Facebook apps
  • Twitter integration with Twitter OAuth
  • Codebird and Twitter-Search-Library API for Twitter
  • Phlickr API for Flickr Integration
  • Youtube Data, Streaming and Analytics API
  • LinkedIn Rest & JS API
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Mobile phones today are not just a medium to call or text your contacts. But has been evolved in to whole new generation of smart computers, right in to your pocket. Mobile apps are the chunks of internet on your smart device which helps you to complete tasks from checking your email on the go - to taking a megapixel good looking photograph - to keeping a To-Do list to remind you of your daily chores. DesignersX specializes in native application development for Android and iPhone. Which help you reach your customers on the go and be with them.

HTML5 Mobile Apps

  • HTML5 Mobile App Development HTML5 Mobile App Development
  • Easy & Fast Cross platform development without the high development cost and easy portability. Our services include
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Backbone.js
  • GeoLocation API
  • AppCache & DB API
  • mCommerce integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Web Services with HTTP, SOAP and IPC
  • Cloud platform Development
  • Fluid layout for Phone & Tablets
  • Canvas for Video & Graphics
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Your website, Not only your company presence or your brand on internet. But a doorway for entire internet population to reach you in your office for your services, products or thoughts. We at DesignersX, design your website from ground up to make sure, You achieve your goal of being on the internet! Below are the options you can choose.

Landing Page

  • Landing Page
  • A one page wonder to market your services or products with a great "Call To" action or a form to gather user info.
  • Custom Page Design
    (1 Design Revision)
  • Custom HTML
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Customer Query Form
  • Image Gallery(Page Header)
  • Fast Turn around
  • Blog Listing
  • Google Analytics
  • On page SEO
  • 1 Page content insertion
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Pro Web

  • Pro Website Package
  • Website design
    package with unlimited number of pages & full CMS control.
  • Custom Website Design
    (2 Design Revisions)
  • Custom HTML
  • Unlimited Web Pages
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • upto 5 Query Forms
  • Image Gallery
    (Page Header & In-Page)
  • Full CMS Control
  • Blog Listing & Search Engine Submissions
  • Google Analytics
  • On page SEO
  • upto 6 Page content insertion
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Business Blaze

  • Business Blaze Website Package
  • A complete
    website package
    to reach your potential customers including marketing & management.
  • +
  • Any extra 3 Javascripts
  • 25 Local Directory Submissions
  • On page SEO & Content Suggestions
  • 3 Months Off Page SEO
  • Official Blog Creation
  • upto 25 Page content insertion
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Are you planning to sell online? You must already be aware that the eCommerce is booming and more and more people prefer to buy on the internet rather than going on a hunt for better option. DesignersX provides best in class eCommerce services for your business. We are equipped with knowledge of all the options you need to sell using a website. You can either get us to build a custom coded eCommerce website or use a pre-built solution like Shopify and Big Commerce or even use a self hosted open source solution like Magento, Prestashop or Opencart. We are qualified enough to help you to start selling online from a Brick & Mortar shop to an eCommerce website in the matter of days. No matter which technology you want to use or which payment gateway you have. After the 1st decision to sell online, all you need is DesignersX

3D Cart

  • 3D Cart Logo
  • Pre-Hosted, Easy to Use, Feature Rich and No Transaction Fees. DesignersX provides below 3D Cart services
  • Custom Development
  • Custom App Development
  • Web Services API
  • Custom Reports
  • Mobile Optimization
  • CRM Connectivity
  • Custom Payment Gateway
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  • Shopify
  • An all in one package for you to start selling online. Reach us for
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom App Development
  • oAuth & Rest API
  • Custom Reports
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Product Shceduling
  • Webhooks implementation
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Open Cart

  • Opencart
  • User friendly and Feature rich Open Source eCommerce system. We offer
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Store Migration
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Custom Extension development
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Merchant account integration
  • REST & SOAP API integration
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We also specialize in CRM(Customer Relationship Management) solutions like SugarCRM, Infusionsoft and SalesForce. We provide complete development packages for custom demands of your organization. If you are looking to implement Customer Relationship Management tool for better management of your clients, All you need to do is choose a solution & Get DesignersX to develop according to your requirements. Below are some skills of ours based on the platform


  • sugarcrm
  • SugarCRM is Fast, Flexible & Feature Rich customer relationship management tool and the best thing is, It is Open Source. We Offer:
  • Theme Development
  • Module Development
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Analytical Reports Generation
  • Social Media integration
  • Pipeline Customization
  • Web-to-lead Wordpress integration
  • Migration to SugarCRM
  • Workflow Setup
  • Campaign Setup
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  • salesforce
  • The best available solution for managing your Customer Relationship is SalesForce which also provide cloud platform and applications. We provide:
  • Visualforce & Site Page Creation
  • APEX Programming
  • APEX Test classes & Deployment
  • Community Page templates
  • Real-time reports generation
  • SOAP and REST-based APIs
  • Salesforce Object Management
  • Social Apps Integration
  • Mobile Development
  • Easy Migration to Salesforce
  • Custom Lighting APP's
  • Community Setup
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We at DesignersX are capable of more than just Website Design and Development.

WordPress Development

  • Wordpress  Development Wordpress Development
  • WordPress Setup
  • Theme Development
  • SOAP and REST based APIs
  • Social Apps Integration
  • Store Setup ( Woo-Commerce )
  • SEO
  • Plugin Development
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Video Production

  • Video Production
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Modelling & Animation
  • VFX & Compositing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Sync
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How to get started? (The Process!)

We are glad you want to know, How to get started with DesignersX. Below is a little description about all the steps involved for a project from start to finish. We hope you have everything ready on your side. Now, all you need to do is “Pull the Blue tag on top right corner of the Website” and you will be presented with a simple form. After you fill it, We will take over from there and will be in constant contact with you for your project.

  • Communication

    We start with Requirement gathering, Goal clarification and Defining Delivery Aspects of the project. Which is a crucial step to provide the 5 star service.

  • Concept & Design

    Once we are clear with your requirements, goal and delivery. You will be provided with concept & design ideas for you to review and approve for the project.

  • Development

    After approval of the concept, We start the development to reflect your vision. You will review every step and submit your opinion according to finalised scope.

  • Testing & Launch

    As we develop each feature, We start the feature testing and User testing of the project. Upon completion of which & Client approval, We install the project on your server.

Our Core Concepts