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Everyone knows mobile apps are popular these days & every business owner want have an app for his customers. But thinking of an idea is one thing & developing an app is another. Get in touch with DesignersX today to get 100% FREE consultation for your Mobile App Development Project.

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Why Develop for Mobile

Why Develop Mobile App

When majority of population owns a smartphone, which is 57% of the people to be exact. Then answering a question like this is simple & fun. All you need to know is the number of people 57% would translate in to. People use mobile everywhere from watching TV, to attending a party, to eating out, to seeing a movie. Even while driving which everyone should avoid and of course app developers should develop to help them do this. Almost 2 third of the population sleep with their smartphones. People are using it for everything from searching for things, taking pics, browsing, facebook and shopping. More than 13% of global internet traffic & 51% of internet searches are coming from Mobile. Facebook earns most of its revenue from mobile ads, Because they know & value the power of reach to their users who like to use it everywhere, even in toilets and movie theater. They acknowledge that they cant live without their phones.

And as the graphic on the side suggest, 64% people spend most of their mobile time using apps. This is the right time to jump in the game and be part of the massive userbase. All you need is an idea to develop an app. For rest of the job, We are here to help you. Simple click the orange button to get free consultation, right now!