About the Client?
The International Marine is the Company of professionals located in Boynton Beach, Florida who are serving their Services and Products to the whole Marine Industry from last several years in the US. They have there well E-commerce Store for Selling all goods and parts related to Marine Boats and Ships in all around the US.

Basic Requirement and Interaction
We got the lead from our Business partner and came in interaction with each other regarding the new project. The requirement was of developing the Custom App in Bigcommerce Platform Similar like KTMTwins are using for viewing the different parts of Any products by which the user feel comfortable while buying any of the products from their website.

Vision & Objective
The project came up with the initial idea of developing a Product mapping App.The main aim was to provide clear visual structure of each marine product with its interior parts elaborated so that user can comfortably buy any part as per his/her requirement.The app was to be developed in BigCommerce. We collaborated the requirements and analysed them.

Development Process
After analysing the Bigcommerce platform for this custom app development. Our Experts came up with the plan that how they were Going to implement it. Let’s have a look at the process how they did development in Bigcommerce.

  1. 1. First step was to get the Client ID and Secret ID by which we can create an API of Bigcommerce platform to integrate it with our External Server. For getting this we created an App in Bigcommerce which provided us the Client ID and Secret ID.
  2. 2. After getting an API from Bigcommerce we developed the required app on our own server by using the PHP, MySQL Database which is the core part of this Custom Development.
  3. 3. We proceeded with creating Product mapping Editor using Jquery, Javascript and PHP to show the Different parts of the products. Hence, we set up the whole view with categories including.
  4. 4. We developed an API on External Server by which we were able to move the developed App to Bigcommerce using Client and Secret ID.
  5. 5. At last Testing of processes was Done to Finalize the End product. Our Tester use both Manual Testing and Automation Testing to Find the Bugs and Ping to the developer with proper Documentation.

This is How We developed the Bigcommerce product Mapping App for International marine.

Final Outcome
After various Process of Development and Testing it took us 22 business days to develop the required app. This app is going to bev implemented in their coming Bigcommerce Ecommerce Store.

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