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Innovative Payroll Solution, formerly known as Innopay is a Payroll solution provider company in Parker, CO providing solutions to companies in many states like IL, CA, WI, CO & TN. They were looking for a professional Video commercial showcasing their products and features of the products.

Innopay CommercialInnopay Commercial
DesignersX started with submitting sketches of different storyboards prepared uniquely for the project. Out of which they finalized 2 storyboard which were improvized according to the requirement. We started with finalizing stock pictures of models appropriate with showcasing the product features & suggesting various sound tracks. After finalizing the material, Animation was started in Adobe After Effects with combination of motion graphics, photographs and synchronizing audio.

Once finished basic version, The video was showcased in various modes to be used in flash, online networks and website integration. After spending almost a month, The commercial video was well praised by client and a voice cast was select to provide the final voice-over.

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