It is a typical issue which might be confronted by everybody who is doing work in Salesforce for application development using lightning under the community or independently. So, I also faced a similar issue when I began working  in Salesforce on lightning application development for making the custom shopping cart through which client can put in a request under the group subsequent to survey it. In the wake of developing the shopping cart under the community I confronted numerous issues in bringing the assets from the child components and I experienced slow/moderate handling speed. In the event in which my client attempted to make a request from the shopping cart, it took long hours in handling which made my client miserable and I truly got strained about this huge issue with respect to the Speed of Lightning Application. I investigate a great deal about how to improve the preparing rate of an undertaking. Under the community of the Salesforce, I even contacted the Salesforce Support Team regarding this issue however, I didn’t get the reasonable vision about it. Thus, I chose to make its very own answer.

How to increase the processing Speed of an Application?

Let me tell you the solution to increase the processing speed of Lightning app in Salesforce under the community which I used to optimise the speed of my lightning app. As we are probably aware that we have one dependancy on which all the parent components are needed to bring the assets for the preparing. When we make any application under the community it straight forwardly gets dependant on the child part which has all assets or information of the parent segment. As we have just a single child in which each of the assets are put away from various fields which makes it confused and back off the speed of handling.

To make its handling faster, we ought to evacuate the basic dependency and give one child one parent association or can state a solitary associations which helps in improving the speed of the preparing and help you to get the data from child components effortlessly and in quicker way this is the most ideal approach to enhance the speed of Lightning Application in Salesforce under community.Likewise, I  also made alterations in the database calls yet I didn’t get any great outcome from this.I want to recommend  to all salesforce engineers to utilize this strategy and in the event that you have any kind of inquiry or inquiries in your mind you can contact me here

Basic Knowledge of Dependencies

The <aura:dependency> tag enables you to declare dependencies that can’t easily be discovered by the framework.

The framework automatically tracks dependencies between definitions, such as components, defined in markup. This enables the framework to automatically send the definitions to the browser. However, if a component’s JavaScript code dynamically initiates another component or fires an event that isn’t directly referenced in the component’s markup, use <aura:dependency> in the component’s markup to explicitly tell the framework about the dependency. Adding the <aura:dependency> tag ensures that a definition, such as a component, and its dependencies are sent to the client, when needed.

For example, adding this tag to a component marks the sampleNamespace:sampleComponent component as a dependency.

<aura:dependency resource="markup://sampleNamespace:sampleComponent" />
Add this tag to component markup to mark the event as a dependency.
<aura:dependency resource="markup://force:navigateToComponent" type="EVENT"/>

Use the <aura:dependency> tag if you fire an event in JavaScript code and you’re not registering the event in component markup using <aura:registerEvent>. Using an <aura:registerEvent> tag is the preferred approach.

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