Marketing plays a very important role to grow your business. There are many marketing tools available in the market which help us to enhance our online Business by providing the helping hands in our marketing strategy. Lob is one of the best Tool for helping the marketing of your Online business as it enables you to seamlessly print and mail documents, postcards, checks, and more via an API. Physical mail is still very important part of our life. With Lob integration, your Web-app could capable to do some amazing tasks based on Physical mail service.


Here are some advantages of the Lob Integration which helps our online web application in the marketing: Sending Postcard

Sending Postcard
– Lob API helps to send customized postcards according to your Target audience to check the physical presence of the desired Leads.
– You got many options by which you can design a Different post card with the help of HTML to make the personalized according to your Subscriber or prospect.
– You can add branding according to your Business Requirement and Also you can track each and every Postcard with a unique IMb barcode that gets scanned by USPS as it travels through the mail stream.
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Sending Letters:
– Lob API helps to send you the Customized letter according to your specific event on demand with no batching required.
– Lob able to send all letters quickly, securely, and accurately according to your needs and Subscriber database.
– It offers 100% HIPAA compliance from production to delivery with full tracking and analytical report of the letters.
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Address Verification:

– It also helps Address verification for ensuring that all Postcards and Letters delivered to an actual mailing address or not.
– With the help of Lob integration, you can easily verify domestic and international mailing addresses.
– It provides best solution for starting and running the email campaigns to the targeted area
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Area Mail:
– This act as a major part of the business growth for sending the email to the target audience according to the same location.
– Lob’s Area Mail helps you to identify the audience you want to target by just entering the zip code.
– The Lob API provides you, demographic information about the audience and help you find the right areas to target.
– It helps in finding the age and income related audience and gives the residential vs. business data in a split form. And you can make a business plan according to tins information.
– You can check the full pricing for this service here

Every Online software needs a Marketing tool in his online Business solution and From our research, we find the Lob integration is a best suitable example for all. You can check its website here and if you need to integrate your online Business website with this marketing tool then you can talk to Professionals here  Thankyou