Technology changes rapidly that born new scopes for various Business Enhancement. In Present era, World Wide Web has become less important, less used whereas Mobile apps and Mobile search has started dominating people’s lives. Similarly, the technologies to approach different needs of the people is changing day by day. The trend of investing a Thousands of Dollar for developing the Native Mobile Apps is get optimized by Hybrid mobile Apps with fewer spendings.

Today We are going to discuss Framework7 which is one of the best platforms for Hybrid Mobile App Development. It is a free and open source mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS & Android native look and feel. It also helps you to develop the prototype easily and quickly.

Skills Required:

For developing an apps using the Framework7 we need the knowledge of  HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We can use any Javascript framework with Framework7 and Vue.Js is the best Framework for F7. It’s easy to learn, implement and have a  great documentation for each development process.

iOS Specific:
Framework7 is an iOS-particular structure. It gives you simple approaches to understand every mind-blowing highlight from all important UI components representation to the confused liveliness and touch collaborations that describe the stage. That is the reason Framework7 is the main answer for acknowledging precisely pixel-perfect iOS native app’s interface. We are developing the app using the Framework7 and Vue.js which is basically focused on iOS and Google Material design by which we can easily create a single page application for all mobile platform.

Easy Customizations:
F7 is very flexible platform and you can easily Customize its UI component of an app within it. It is very Simple and all styles are divided into parts with small .less files by which you can easily create your own Custom Styles by customizing the free and the paid themes into it.

Native look: Framework7 is Best for giving the Hybrid apps, a native look and feel of both iOS and Android application. It also offers 1:1-page animation with smooth parallax effect, changing opacity and shadow when loading a new page in it.

Framework7 has Numerous features on which we should focus on while selecting the Platform for Developing a Hybrid app.

 Now, We would like to discuss the Problem Which we faced while Developing a Mobile App in it. We got the Routing problem which We have discussed below with the solution of it.

Routing problem

While developing an App in F7 with Vue.js we faced the Routing problem which is often faced by many developers who are developing in this Framework. Basically, Routing is very simple. We can create basic routing in VueJs as below:

import my_first_page from ‘./my_first_page.vue’;

import my_second_page from ‘./my_second_page.vue’;

export default [


path: ‘/my_first_page/’,

component: my_first_page

}, {

path: ‘/my_second_page/’,

component: my_second_page


The problem arises when Developer wants to perform Routing from some event. We can add the following syntax in our code to perform Dynamic routing in VueJs:

this.$f7.mainView.router.load({url: [your_page_name]})

We have such a good experience with Framework7 for developing our App. We just going to launch it very soon. If you have any query related to this Blog you can mention your thoughts in the comments.


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