We develop Web apps in PHP as its fast, simple, portable & most of all Open Source. Our PHP skills include:

A framework gives you standard solutions to typical problems. In other words, PHP frameworks provide basic layout of specific problem. You don’t need to start your project from scratch. It provide built-in Features like: Web Security, Multiple DB , Caching, Validation and Modules etc. So framework help to promote rapid application development, which saves you time.

The basic idea behind the workings of a PHP framework is referred to Model View Controller (MVC). MVC is an architectural pattern in programming that isolates business logic from the Use Interface. With MVC, Model refers to data, View refers to the presentation layer, and Controller to the application or business logic. Basically, MVC breaks up the development process of an application, so you can work on individual elements while others are unaffected. Essentially, this makes coding in PHP faster and less complicated.

Services We Provide

  •  Core PHP Development
  •  Frameworks like Cake, Yii, Codeigniter
  •  CMS liks Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal
  •  iMap, SMTP & POP3
  •  Smarty Templates
  •  Web services with XML & jSon
  •  Libraries like CURL, PDO, PEAR and XAJAX
  •  SOAP and REST-based APIs
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