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About Us

An agency propelled by the idea of well designed, easy to use and always available internet in our daily lives. Started as Design Firm, Evolved into solutions provider for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, eCommerce with or without Advanced CRM integration and Conversion Optimization. We strive to provide the best business results for small business to medium business to a large corporation planning to harness the power of internet to serve their clientèle better for availability of their services, products and information.

As much we are obsessed by designing a better piece of everyday internet for the users, We are also passionate about making it better developed for everyone who want to delve in the ocean of knowledge and connectivity.

Started from a single desk and 2 chairs office, We know the value and power of skills and how crucial it is to learn certain skills. But no one can teach you to come up with the idea, the logic and the design for the project. That is something which a person have to generate from within.

And we have been told, We are good at it.ˮ


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Our Skills And Experience

eCommerce & Marketing

8 years

Web Programming & Scripting

8 years

SalesForce Apex Development

3 years

Android Apps

5.5 years

iPhone Apps

5 years

Custom & Component Lightning Apps in SalesForce

1 years

Our Brief Story

As stated above, Started small in 2006 we started with the aim of creating a team of specialists for web applications, website design and eCommerce. And We have grown in to a tightly knit team of well equipped professionals to serve our clients to the next level. As the industry evolved, we equipped ourselves with key skills and team players as it required. Mobile application development, mobile websites and New standards of scripting & mark-up languages were the next additions. Starting with Android and iPhone native application development, We also specialized in HTML5 and JavaScript mobile applications, Responsive web design and Business softwares like Infusionsoft and SalesForce.

We serve a large variety of markets from United States of America to United Kingdom to Australia. We were able to do so by having off-shore partnerships and tie-ups with like-minded people.

Meet Our Team

The specialist team of DesignersX is as professional on the job as they are close to each other. Any person who is not a team player & don’t want to go along the flow and follow the lead will find it awkward and difficult to survive where you have a “TEAM” job in hand. So, we have built the DesignersX team choosing the members carefully over time. The result is a tightly packed team whose members support each other and who perform best when together. Below are some key members of our team for you to meet:

  • Kulbir Singh Creative Direction, Technology & Management

    10+ years of Industry experience for Web Apps, eCommerce, Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, Online Advertising & Marketing. Extensive, hands-on experience in the Complete application development cycle, Architecture and design, Technology sourcing, Team handling and Cost management.

  • Summi Beniwal Operations & Finance

    More than 6 years in Industry and qualification to match, Summi runs all the operations at DesignersX with management of Company Finance. Responsible for documentation, invoicing, banking and contracts. Extensive knowledge of running operations at Technology Firm with experience in Enterprise Planning & Growth Structuring.

  • Aaron Jensen Digital Strategy & Client Management

    Marketing specialist and Social Media enthusiast. 4+ at DesignersX, handeling Lead sourcing, Internet Marketing and Business Development. Driving sales through Digital marketing & strategy, Channel sourcing and Relationships. Experienced in eCommerce, Sales and Internet Advertising.

  • Rajinder Kumar Tech Manager (Lamp, iOS & Android)

    More than 5 years in Industry with deep operational experience in CRM, eCommerce, CMS, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and cloud infrastructure. Project Co-ordination experience for eCommerce and Web application projects. Knowledge of Software Architecture and Design for various Web servers and Platforms.